May – July:
Start of Exhibition in CAN Neuchâtel: May 24th 2013 
(2nd event/opening of the tents : May 29th) 
Traveling Institution: May 31st until June 23rd 2013 
Start of Exhibition in NTK, Prague: September 2nd 2013 

Departure of mobile institution: May 30th 
Build up in Zürich: May 31st 
Action in Zürich for 3 days: May 31st until June 2nd 
Dismantling of tents in Zürich: June 3rd 

Build up of tents in Ostrava: June 6th 
Actions in Ostrava : June 9th until June 14th 
Opening of the new artspace in Ostrava : June 14th 
Dismantling of tents in Ostrava: June 15th 

Build up in Wroclaw: June 16th 
Action in Wroclaw for 3 days: June 16th until June 18th 
Dismantling of tents in Wroclaw: June 19th 

Build up in Kolin: June 19th 
Research in Kolin: June 20th until June 22nd
Final Party : June 22nd 

Opening in Prague: September 2nd 
End of show in Prague at the NTK Gallery : September 14th 


À la recherche de la bohème perdue will begin in May 2013 in Neuchâtel. A group show consisting of eight Czech artists, and about ten artists from Switzerland will be opened on the 24th of May. The artists will be selected by Mark Divo and the team of the CAN. The artists from the Czech Republic will represent a cross section of the contemporary Prague art scene. Most of the invited artists are well known within their country, but none of them is known to the Swiss public. All the invited Czech artists have a specific and authentic approach to art, that always contains a humoristic critique of the catastrophic political and social situation of the ex soviet block states. Most of the invited Swiss artists are rooted in the subcultures around the many temporary cultural zones, which have sprung up all over Switzerland in the last 30 years.

Duration : May 24th (opening) - July 7th

Jakub Adamec (cz)/ Arienne and Pascale Birchler (ch)/ 
August Blum (ch)/ Harold Bouvard (ch)/ Jérémy Chevalier (ch) / 
Lionel Ferchaud (ch)/ El Frauenfelder (ch)/ Jakub Hošek (cz)/
 Markéta Jáchimová (cz)/ Kassaboys (sl)/ Krištof Kintera (cz)/ 
Dominika Łabadz (pl)/ Carol May (ch) / Mickry 3 (ch)/ Milan Mikuláštík (cz)/
 Petr Motyčka (cz)/Jakub Nepraš (cz)/Libor Novotny (cz)/ 
Pavel Pernicky (cz)/ Raphael Perret (ch)/Léopold Rabus (ch)/ 
Till Rabus (ch)/ Lukáš Rittstein (cz)/ 
Helena Sequens and Adam Stanko (cz)/ Tobby Landei (ch)/
 Sebastien Verdon and Renaud Loda (ch)/ Jana Zhorova (ch)/


During the week after the opening of the exhibition we will take our first performative approach to the subject of the project. A group of Swiss and Czech artists will be invited to refurbish a vehicle and two army tents in a public space in Neuchâtel.The tents and the trailer will later form the core of the mobile institution. The production of the mobile institution will have the character of an art happening with concerts and performances of Czech and local artists.

Tents in the public space of Neuchâtel
Partner : Kiosk-Art
Place : within the harbor area of the Jeunes-Rives, Neuchâtel
Duration of action: 4 days (May 26th - May 29th) 
Opening and events: May 29th, 14:00 - 23:00
admission free
Artists involved :
Most of the artists participating in the CAN exhibition, and interventions, 
performances and concerts by : 

Martin Andersson (ch), Massimiliano Baldassarri (ch),
Štěpán Čapek (cz), Jérémy Chevalier (ch), 
Emmanuel Paxon Dupasquier (ch), Markéta Jáchimová (cz),
 JTNB (cz), Joe la Noïze (ch), Viktor Vejvoda (cz)


After the completion of the mobile Institution the CAN’s and D.I.V.O. Institute’s teams, along with several artists, take the road in the direction of the Czech Republic. The mobile institution will make stops at centers for contemporary art on the way. At each juncture the tents and trailer will be set up in front or close to the institution and new artists and musicians will be invited to intervene and enlarge in the exhibition. During the day Workshops and discussions will be held by the invited artists. The individual stops will be organized in participation with local artists and institutions. The trip will bring us through Zurich, Wroclaw, Ostarva, Kolin and finally will end in Prague. At the end of the trip a 10 day symposium with 10 invited guests will take place in the D.I.V.O. Institute’ in Kolin. Here we will meet with the key players involved in the project to discuss and finalize the publication.
The partners for the individual stops will try to connect the mobile institution with the local scene, and organize events around the stops. At each stop the team of the CAN and the D.I.V.O. Institute will invite one or two artists or/and a band from Switzerland and one artists or/and a band from the Czech Republic to interact in an installation and performative way with the mobile platform. Each stop will have a specific theme that will be dealt with in an experimental way.
A blog will document the journey of the mobile Institution on its way through central Europe.

2.2.1 ZÜRICH

The city of Zürich has a long tradition of boehms and bohemian lifestyles. Zürich is the city in which the dadaistic movement started nearly 100 years ago, and has since this time been home to many subcultures. Since the 90s there has been a number of squats and independent culture initiatives, in which unconventional, alternative bohemian life concepts could be developed and lived up to.
In Zürich the project will make a stop at the Rote Fabrik. The Rote Fabrik as a former squat and 30 year old grass roots organisation is a good example of how artists initiatives become institutionalised. To understand the mechanism of free space, and temporary cultural zones we would like to invite activists, who have initiated cultural and social projects in their home cities, to a panel discussion. Further on we would like to create an actionistic discourse with invited artists around the theme of temporary cultural zones.

Partner : Konzeptbüro Rote Fabrik
Place : Seeufer hinter der Roten Fabrik
Seestrasse 395 / 8038-Zürich
Duration of action : 3 days (May 31st - June 2nd)
Opening : 31.05.2013, 18:30 - 22:00
Exhibition : 31.05 - 02.06.2013 
Opening hours : 14:00-20:00
admission free
Artists and performers :

Habib Afsar (ch), Darina Alster (cz), Jana Babincová (cz), 
Matěj Barták (cz), Michail Bukovjan (cz), Hynek Chmelař (cz), 
Emmanuel Paxon Dupasquier (ch), Anežka Hošková (cz), Stina Kasser (ch), Mayo Irion (ch), Carol May (ch), Jakub Nakládal (cz), Marc Ohne (ch), 
Noah Oliel (ch), Jitka Rufferová (cz), Markéta Soukupová (cz), 
Petr Švolba (cz), Elis Unique (rus), Viktor Vejvoda (cz), Wald (ch), 
Anna Zelinkova (cz)

Open Research-
Special guests from Prague and activists from Zürich tour of temporary Cutural Zones in Zürich
Start of tour : 14:00 
Meeting point: Entrance of Xenix Bar at the Kanzleiflohmarkt ,Kanzleistrasse 56, 8004 Zürich
admission free
Guide: Mark Divo
special guests and activists:

Esther Eppstein (Message salon, Zürich)
Anežka Hošková (AM 180 Gallery, Prague)
Kyros Kikos (Konzeptbüro Rote Fabrik, Zürich)
Mark Ohne (White squat, Zürich)
Nico Ruffo (Wäscherei, Zürich)
Dan Vlcek (Meetfactory, Prague) 

Grand Finishing in the Fabriktheater of Rote Fabrik : 2.06.2013
Door : 19:00
Start of bands : 20:00
End : 2:00
Cover charge : 7 sFr
Bands and performers: 

JTNB. - Ježíš táhne na Berlín ( Jesus marches on Berlin) (cz), 
Die verkehrte Hintertür - Ajana Dracula und Lena Scheiwiller (ch), 
Teppichmode (ch), Joe la Noïze (ch), Miki DJ (cz), DJ Bagira (cz)


In Ostrava we will again set up the tents in a central square within the city. Here we will return to researching the concept of nonprofit cultural zones and offspaces in a city that has lots of empty buildings, but where virtually no structures of this kind exists. Our aim is to spark a discussion about culture centers that are run by collectives. This will be the first step to pave the way for such a place. The building is already chosen and will be arranged during our stay for its first exhibition. The artspace will go on afterwards and be led by an artist collective from Ostrava.
During our stay we would also hold a number of workshops in the tents and lead actions in the city.

Partner : Art academy (OSU fakulta umění) + Libor Novotny, Jana Zhořová
Duration of action : 9 days (June 6th - 14th )
Place : In the park next to dum umeni, Střední, Ostrava 702 00
Intervention in the public space in tents: 09 - 12.06.2013
Opening hours : 14:00 - 20:00 daily
admission free 

Exhibition with: 

Daniel Cherbuin  (CH), Emmanuel Paxon Dupasquier  (CH), 
Libor Novotný (CZ), Jana Zhorova (CZ), Hynek Chmelař (CZ), 
Jakub Nakládal (CZ), Jitka Rufferová (CZ), Markéta Soukupová (CZ), 
Anna Zelinkova (CZ)

and also showing works of the following artists : 

Habib Afsar (PAK), Darina Alster (CZ), Harold Bouvard (CH), 
Štěpán Čapek  (CZ), Jérémy Chevalier (CH), 
Kateřina Dobroslava Drahošová (CZ), Emmanuel Paxon Dupasquier (CH),
Lionel Ferchaud (CH), El Frauenfelder (CH), Jakub Hošek  (CZ),
Anežka Hošková (CZ), Mayo Irion (CH), Markéta Jáchimová (CZ), 
Kassaboys (SK), Dominika Łabadz (PL), Carol May (CH), Mickry 3 (CH),  
Milan Mikuláštík (CZ), Jakub Nepraš  (CZ), Joe la Noïze (CH)
Libor Novotný (CZ), Marc Ohne (CH), Noah Oliel (CH)
Raphael Perret (CH), Leopold Rabus (CH), Till Rabus (CH)
Helena Sequens and Adam Stanko (CZ), Petr Švolba (CZ)
Tobby Landei (CH), Viktor Vejvoda (CZ), 
Sebastien Verdon and Renaud Loda (CH), Ajana Dracula (CH)

Reasearch tours with selected guides : 10 - 11.06.2013
meeting point at the tents: 14.00
admission free

Opening Kunsthalle Ostrava 14.06.2013 : 18:00 - 1:00
Vítkovická 3335, 702 00 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava
More program to be anounced - see :

VIP-Preview party 

Wednesday 12.6.2013 

door 19:00 until late


František Kowolowski (CZ) / Performance
Zuzana Trumplová (CZ), Pavlína Gajdošíková (CZ), Kristýna Lišková(CZ) - Prezidentky / Theatre
At bona fide (CZ)- psychedelic-surf / Concerts
The sin of lilith  (CZ)- emo-hadrcore
Noissue (CZ) - downtempo-eletronica
Magda & Vasek (CZ) - folk
Odeur de violettes (CZ) - emo folk
Gabria Odibil (CZ) - acid techno / playback cybergrind / Bukkake

Grand opening
Friday 14.6.
door 17:00 until late

opening speech:
Jiří Surůvka (CZ)

artists : 
The WickwarAlbert complex (CZ)-live music
Harold Bouvard (CH) - fine art
Daniel Cherbuin  (CH) - fine art
Jérémy Chevalier (CH) - performance
Emmanuel Paxon Dupasquier (CH) - performance
Tom Kotík (USA) - fine art
Klára Zahrádková (CZ) - fine art
Miki DJ  (CZ) - best DJ
Michail Bukovjan (CZ) - perfomance

a show curated by:
D.I.V.O Institute (Mark Divo) and CAN (Centre d’art Neuchâtel, Arthur de Pury, Marie Villemin, 
Marie Léa Zwahlen, Julian Thompson )

more information on the project under 

2.2.3. WROCLAW

In Wroclaw the project will take place at the BWA avangarda, a large institution in the centre of the city. The tents will be set up within the gardens of this museum. Simultaneously we will show two artists from the Czech Republic and Switzerland in the off space «galleria entropia». During our stay in the BWA we will host a series of dinners in the tents for local and invited artists and curators.

Partner : BWA - Wroclaw
Duration of action : 3 days (June 16th - June 18th)
Place : In the garden of BWA - Awangarda Gallery
Wita Stwosza 32, 50-149 Wrocław 18 

Installations,actions and wellness around a tent and a bus : 
11:00 - 18:00 
entrance free

Artists and performers :
Jérémy Chevalier (ch), Emmanuel Paxon Dupasquier (ch),
 Miss Sulfuric (ch), Svenja Plass (ch), Krystian Truth Czaplicki (pl)

Opening with concert :
Kurnik (cz)

2.2.4. KOLIN

In Kolin the tents will be set up in the garden of the D.I.V.O. Institute. For 3 days the invited researchers will review the journey, and after a series of partially public discussions. The results of these discussions will later form the main part of art critical texts within the publication.

Duration: 3 days (June 20th - 22nd)
Place : d.i.v.o Institute o.s.
Na Petrine 24

Symposium of involved activists and artists in Kolin on June 21st
14:00 - 19:00 
admisson free
Researchers :
Alena Boika (cz), Anežka Hošková (cz), 
Kyros Kikos (ch), Lenka Kukurová (cz), 
Dominika Łabądź (pl), Milan Mikuláštík (cz), 
Dan Vlček (cz), Jana Zhorova (cz) 

Final party : 
Opening June 22nd at 18:00
Kateřina Dobroslava Drahošová (cz), Petr Švolba (cz)

Music and performances : 20:00 - 23:00

Veronika Vlková (cz), Kateřina Koutná (cz), Antonín Koutný (cz), 
vj Kolouch (cz)

Cover charge : 50 czKr.

2.2.5. Prague final stop + exhibition at the NTK Gallery

The third phase of the project will take place at the NTK (National Technical Library) Gallery in Prague. The mobile Institution, along with materials collected on the journey will be set up inside the NTK Gallery. The show will also consist in a documentary and theoretical retracing of the whole trip. Individual works of the Swiss and Czech artists involved in the project will be shown within a white cube setting. The publication will be launched at the opening. 

Duration : 9 days (September 2nd - September 10th)
Place : NTK Gallery, Technická 6, Prague 6-Dejvice
Exhibition : 03 - 10.09.2013
Opening : 02.09.2013, 18.00 - 23.00
Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00
admisson free

Harold Bouvard (ch) / Stepan Capek (cz) / Pavel Karous / Barbora Mastrolvá (cz) / Martina Nosková (cz) / Svenja Plass (ch) /
Helena Sequens et Adam Stanko (cz) / Kuba Taus (cz) /

Music et performance:
Emmanuel Paxon Dupasquier (ch) / Edoshuv Kur-ník (cz) / Joe la Noïze (ch) / Krikzticha (cz) / Miss Sufuric (ch)

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